Awesome INFP Career Research Tool Using Neuroscience and Games

I stumbled across this amazing career research tool today.

You play games and it learns about you and then tells you what career you’d be best suited for and then gives you companies that want what you’ve got.

Watch this video to see what it’s all about and then scroll down to see my results.

Now look at this.


That’s what I’ve been working toward for a long-damn time! It KNOWS ME!!!

Pyometrics Results
Pyometrics Results

So if you’re interested in checking it out, I think it took me about an hour to get through the required games, click here (this is not an affiliate link, I just think it’s cool as hell and super useful for INFPs who tend to struggle with careers).

When you’re done, come back to this page and leave a comment with the top 3 results. I’m DYING to find out what other INFPs end up with.

Have fun!

Author: Invincible INFP

Hi, I'm Mike!

I'm a life coach, a full-time employee, a single Dad and a writer.

I'm here to try to help you navigate the waters of career happiness so you can enjoy your life.

12 thoughts on “Awesome INFP Career Research Tool Using Neuroscience and Games”

  1. 99% investment banking
    98% financial research analyst
    80% writer

    currently landscape architect/ecologist.

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  2. UX Design 96%
    Project Management 88%
    Corporate Finance????? 87%

    I have the least interest in the last one so I’ll go with the first two.

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  3. Marketing 92%
    Entrepreneur 74%
    Hedge Fund 56%

    Thanks for linking to Pymetrics. I came across their website a year ago but forgot about it. I just finished a MBA after working in outdoor non-profits for all my twenties and have been struggling with how to bring it all together. Now I know I should start my own hedge fund with MBA friends who are more naturally quanty while I focus on the marketing.

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  4. I got the same as Mike! 🙂 But in a different order, and with significantly lower percentages across the board: 56% product development, 56% project management; 52% entrepreneur.

    I’m a terrible match for my current job: accounting. That makes tons of sense (although there are elements I love — and in fact, what doesn’t work for me relates more to larger organizational dynamics than to accounting itself…); I happen to be trying to find something else at the moment.

    I’m also not surprised that I barely get across the 50% mark for anything, frankly… The past work I’ve found the most fulfilling (in terms of cognitive function on a daily basis; other dynamics aside) has involved elements of both product development and project management.

    And at the same time, my favorite element of those jobs was the initial creation of ideas (focused on developing Intranet features); this matches my StrenghtsFinder results, where Ideation is one of my biggest strengths.

    So my Pymetrics results are encouraging… I’d like it if my match percentages were a little higher, but they seem to indicate that I’m probably on the right track in currently looking for work doing medium-scale knowledge management projects with technical components.

    Thanks for sharing, Mike!

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