New Poll about ADD

I just posted a new poll on ADD.

You can find it over on the left hand side of the site and I’ll post it at the bottom of this post.

I always think I have ADD because my mind goes everywhere. And now I sometimes think my son has it because he can’t focus, but he’s only THREE AND A HALF – so he probably doesn’t. But that makes me wonder how many times you’ve thought you had ADD or someone else thought you had it.

How often do you or someone else think that you have ADD?

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INFP Art Exhibit is Here!

I am so excited to unveil our new INFP Art Gallery! We currently have art from Helen Marriott (an INFP Central contributor), Carmen Medlin and Moth Moss. Have a look at their works and leave comments to let them know how awesome they are!

And please, send in YOUR works so that you can be included too. I have thousands of visitors to this blog each month. That’s a lot of eyes on your artwork!