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You may have noticed the new menu link for a Career Survey on this site. This is a survey that I created to collect information from those of us who love or hate our jobs. I believe it is the duty of us older INFPs to help guide younger INFPs (the majority of people visiting this site are in highschool and college trying to figure out what to do with their lives) so that they end up in careers that they are happy with.

The best way to do that is to take a few minutes to add our current jobs to the database. When I get enough responses, I’ll start going through the database to look for trends to share with the younger folks (and even the unhappy older folks).


Fill out the survey now! It only takes a few minutes.

Author: Invincible INFP

Hi, I'm Mike!

I'm a life coach, a full-time employee, a single Dad and a writer.

I'm here to try to help you navigate the waters of career happiness so you can enjoy your life.

One thought on “INFP Career Survey”

  1. I have worked the past five years with people who have cognitive and developmental disabilities. I absolutely love it.
    More recently I made a lateral move to Supported Employment, which fits me better than any other job has. On any one day I may wear the hat of Teacher, Coach, Parent, Counselor, Drill Sergeant, MacGuyver (creative problem solver,) or writer.
    The relationships I cultivate in this field are very rich and rewarding; often with people who have difficulty connecting with others.

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