Life/Career Coaching for INFP’s(and other I’s)

I just found this website. It’s the site of an Introvert Life Coach named Nancy Okerlund, who works specifically with introverts such as INFP’s and INTP’s.
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Picture of Nancy Okerlund, Introvert Life Coach
Nancy Okerlund

I just found this website. It’s the site of an Introvert Life Coach named Nancy Okerlund, who works specifically with introverts such as INFP’s and INTP’s.

She specifically works with clients who are having problems with their introversion(eh hem, like me) and their careers. She helps them examine themselves and find their sources of energy so that they can help themselves deal with being introverts in an extroverts’ world.

Free PDF

I signed up for her mailing list and got this great pdf in my email. It’s a little over 8 pages and gives some great examples of how to survive as an introvert.

Some examples include reframing how you see yourself. She highlights the 3 ways that you need to reframe yourself:

  • “Being an Introvert is an Asset”
  • “Introvert Bodies Really Do Work Differently”
  • “The World is Full of Extroverts”

Introverts are Biologically Different

One really interesting thing I read in the pdf was bullet point 2 above, that introverts are physiologically DIFFERENT. As in, the flow of blood into the brain is longer and more complex. How cool is that?!? We’re not just screwups or something! We’re physically different. We had/have no choice.


This kind of knowledge helps me accept who I am just a little more. This pdf in general made me think that maybe, just maybe, I can accept my career for what it is and that I should get to work!

Signup for her mailing list, get the PDF, read it and let me know what you think in the comments section.

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2 thoughts on “Life/Career Coaching for INFP’s(and other I’s)”

  1. I have a question:
    Every test I have ever taken has me labeled as an INFP. I agree with ALL of it…
    Except, although I prefer to work alone… and do the whole hermit thing a LOT, I am… well, exceptionally loud.
    I play music when I work (definitely an extrovert trait), and most people upon meeting me believe that I am naturally an extrovert (but I am DRAINED after any social even, and avoid it almost all costs. The only exceptions is if we are meeting for a purpose… and everyone involved has to work on something physically- less space for words or entertaining! 🙂
    Any thoughts on this?

    Am I masquerading as an INFP, when I am actually not… are the tests rigged?… Am I my own subspecies? Or are there other INFPs like this?


  2. Hi Mike,
    thanks for this site and the link to the coach.
    I have been struggling with my career for the past few years.
    And sampled various jobs and industries, but cant help the feeling of ‘not being in the right place’.
    I hope this time i really make a difference.

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