Special Education Teacher

Description soon to come. If you have any insight into this profession, please leave a comment below!

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  1. I’m an INFP and a Special Education Teacher. As with all of these fields, it’s less the career title and what you actually do in it which makes all the difference.

    In my work, I work one on one or in small groups. This definitely fits my type, I have a strong I preference and worked as a preschool teacher for about 5 years which I loved but hated… Too much energy draining… I love on one or small groups much better, less stressful and I’m able to focus my attention better. I’m also really able to help the kids I teach acAdemically, behaviorally, emotionally, etc. Finally, at age 29 I wake up and am happy to get to work:) it took me a lot of stupid decisions like getting a BA in art and not listening to my inner voice which really wanted to do psychology.. But you live and learn… I love my job which is more then others can say so I am very thankful!!!

    The cons are the salary… I freelance and get paid by the DOE so I dot get any perks… But I’m also pretty independent and can plan my own schedule/ cancel if I need “me” time etc.. You can also have a similar career and Be an occupational therapist
    and get paid way better btw.

    I think I will stay in this career for the next few years or so and then I may start an art business or get into the nutrition/eating psychology biz… I don’t think us INFps can stay doing the same thing for very long:)

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    1. Wow ! This is really helpful . I am an INFP and next year is my senior high school year AKA the year that affects your job some adults say. Nevertheless I knew I must decide on an occupation and I am at loss between special ed and crime investigation. A person who understands me the most says that I’ll work better in special ed. And seeing your writting especially ,”But you live and learn… I love my job which is more then others can say so I am very thankful!!!” made me feel more sure about special ed.

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